A Woman cannot avoid these Accessories

It is worthwhile to take a stock of what is kept in your closet and scan your accessories with a sharp and keen eye. You may feel that you do not have anything suitable to wear mainly because you lack those classic and versatile items in your accessories that will help solve a crisis when you lack certain valuable items in your fashion arsenal. We offer you that definitive checklist of all staple items that you should have among your accessories. They will go a long way to make you a stylish woman.


  • Black Heels – You cannot have an ultimate wardrobe if you do not have black heels in it. This pair will complement almost everything that you would like to wear for various occasions. Black heels would suit a formal as well as a casual outfit. If you select a pair that has a thin and moderate heel and a toe that is shaped like an almond, it is going to serve you for eternity.

Black Heels

  • A Plain Tote Bag – You can go for this type of a bag in beige leather or pitch black and it will be your ideal companion for any fashion wear. It would also be suitable for either a routine work day or for a trip at the weekend.

 Tote Bags

  • A Scarf – The scarf you select has to be a large one and it should be smooth and soft in its texture to give you that luxurious feel. A Cashmere scarf will serve the purpose well with multiple functions as it could be worn as a cover-up or as a wrap. The scarf shades could be navy or camel while gray, pastels or red would also look beautiful. There are numerous ways of wearing a silk scarf. It could be worn as a head piece or around your neck; it could also be tied around the strap of your bag or you can have it woven into the loop of your belt. It will add to your style, whichever way you would eventually wear it. A colorful print on the scarf will be just fine with any kind of look and it may work well when you have mixed prints, too.


  • Classic Sunglasses – Your wardrobe cannot be a complete one without a pair of stylish sunglasses. You can go for tortoise acetate or black shades that have a classic contour. They will be the ultimate in selection as they will complement all types of faces.


  • A Necklace – A plain necklace made of gold will look great. It has to be thin and very delicate; it will adorn your bare skin perfectly. The necklace could also be worn over a fashionable jumper. Many people like to layer or flip the necklace around so that it is worn with low-back tops. You could provide a signature touch when you add that unique and personal pendant.


  • Pearl Earrings – If you do not have many items on your jewelry front, then a pair of pearl earrings would suffice. These earrings will look great when you pair them with statement accessories and with all other metallic shades.


  • Watch with a Leather Strap – Watches with leather straps look chic, especially when you wear them with muted tones. They will look even better with minimalist facets. A leather strap watch could be your ideal companion on any day and it would serve you for decades on end. You can wear such a watch on business occasions, casual events or for evening parties. A watch with a leather strap would look stylish when it is worn along with a nice bracelet.


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