Our Story

Wrist is a very successful branch of Swiss Eastern, our parent company that specializes in manufacturing designing and selling various fashionable wristwatches and accessories. In the 25 years of our operation, we have provided thousands of people with tasteful wristwatch designs that are classy, stylish and one of a kind. We are not only unique because of the timepieces we carry, but because of our strong values and belief in the creative art of wristwatch making.We believe that the wristwatch is unlike any other fashion accessory. It has been used for hundreds of years as a way to keep time, and as a reflection of the wearer’s status and social ranking, but our watches not only fulfill this quota, but transcend it into something nearly magical. No outfit is complete without a handsome wristwatch to accompany and pull together the other pieces. Wristwatches are truly the most breathtaking and sophisticated form of modern art.

Our New Creation

Our passion for beautiful watch mechanisms, both modern and the classic gear, is what propelled us to create Wrist. It is why our stores in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi carry limited and special edition watches that are rare and truly dazzling. We also support local talents, adding yet another twist of variety that you cannot get anywhere else. Our collaborations with other wristwatch manufacturers and distributors gives our customers a wider choice amongst selective tastes.

We have a great appreciation for Creativity, Design and Value; all important characteristics that are reflected in our exclusive selection of wristwatches and accessories. Our lineup of accessories includes belts, wallets, headphones and many more. Each item can be matched with any of the wristwatches we carry, to make a winning combination of sophistication and elegance.


Our Slogan

“We love your wrist”, and it’s very true. We are dedicated to finding you the perfect timepiece to grace your wrist and add a special touch to any outfit. ‘We love your wrist’, isn’t simply a slogan, it’s an assurance that you always receive the best that is our promise to you

Email: hello@thewristshop.com
Tel: +9716 5373191

Office Address:

No. 501 & 502, 5th Floor,
Shk Abdullah Bin Salem Sultan Al Qassimi Building,
Sheikh Saqr Bin Khalid Al Qasimi Street,
Qasimiya – Sharjah

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